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Only quality components…

RM Timing Systems utilizes only quality components to work together with our products. We proudly use Impinj's Speedway Readers and their Threshold Antennas for some of the most reliable and dependable tag reading rates around. From our own real-world testing, time and time again, the Impinj line of readers have proven to perform exceptionally well when up to the task.

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Support for Other Popular Readers

We at RM Timing Systems want to make sure you, the timer, take full potential of your timing hardware. That is why we have programmed our software to support other widely used readers.

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Simply put, RM Timing Systems plus equals an unrivaled event management platform. Here are some of's features just to name a few:

  • Full RM Timing Systems Compatibility
  • Instant Online Results
  • Athlete Tracking
  • Athlete Progress Notifications
  • Event Registration with Low Fees
  • Event Page Listing
  • Customer Support

About Racemine

Get your event off the ground with Racemine a complete solution for managing your races online! For Athletes: find races, signing up and getting results. For Directors: All the essentials for making race day that much easier! For Timers: Powerful and Advanced Tools for the Event Timer

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Robust Features

Our software is custom built and developed in house by our specialized team of programmers located right in the Silicon Valley. We've used and researched other timing software on the market and have always felt a need to simplify and provide even more useful features that timing companies would love. Thus, from our first-hand experiences in dealing with race events, our very own timing software was developed. Complete with easy-start options, insightful reports, live results features and powerful integration with internet-based results powered by, our software is ready to help event timers give their participants a great event experience.

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