Software Features

RM PRO Timing Software offers full integration With the Most Popular Registration and Results Platforms in the Race Industry

RaceRoster, RunSignUp, Active, BikeReg, IMAthlete, and MyRegNow are just a few of the Registraiton and Results Platforms the RM Software now integrates with. 

RM Timing Systems Support Event Results and Registration Providers

What's New and Updated RM PRO ?

Ability to Program and Print Your Own UHF Tags

RM Pro new module structure allows you to program your own chips using a Zebra printer.

New Software Assistant

Software assistant allows for easy event creation in preperation for your next race.

Account and Licensing

You can now purchase licensing for equipment and place chip orders within the software itself. In addition, view your currently licensed features and manage them through the new online portal.

Multi-Day Race Mode

The new Multi-Day view allows support for 24-hour, ultra-races. Like the standard athlete view, Multi-Day shows the split times for the participant but with date fields attached.

Updated Report Printing

Customizations have been added-in such as uploading your own logo image, column width adjsutments and other display options.

Registration and Results Providers Integration

You can now log into your favorite Registration and/or Results Providers to pull your event data directly into the RM Timing Software. We've worked closely with some of the biggest names in Event Management, and continuing to offer more support and improvement for this feature.

Updated Chip Programming

Updated interfaces for Manual and Chip Programming allow for a smoother chip printing job.

Updated Expo Registration

Updated the interface and flow for the Expo Registration tool.

Updated Event Filtering

New results Fitlers have been added including read exclusions per reader and filtering by division, location and/or time.

Multiple Reader Support

Supporting not only RM Timing equipment, but also systems from Alien, ThingMagic, RaceResult, Trident and Ipico

Other Major Features of the RM Timing Systems Software

Integrates With the Most Popular Registration Platforms

RunSignUp, RaceRoster, Active, BikeReg, IMAthlete, and MyRegNow are just a few of the Registraiton and Results Platforms the RM Software integrates with.Built-in support for popular industry standard readers.

Support for Popular Industry Readers

We've also developed support for the most popular industry standard readers including Alien, Active, Trident, ThingMagic and Ipico.

Works with Your Existing Hardware

There is no reason to purchase new timing systems in order to start using the RM Timing Software. RM Software integrates with Trident, Impinj, Alien, Race|Results, Chronotrack, ThingMagic, and Ipico hardware. RM Software works with UHF, DF, as well as Active systems.

Kiosk, Announcer and Other Built In Features

RM Timing Software includes all of the tools needed to set your event apart from the competition. Race Kiosks, Announcer Screens, Scrolling and rotating Results Screens, and even the ability to text message Emergency Contact information are all included.

Advanced Filtering

Apply advanced filtering of reads per location. Want to block out reads before a certain time? You can do that and many more!

Texting and Social Posts

Have results texted to mobile devices and even post directly through Social Media sites

Auto Backups

Results are important. Which is why we automatically backup data so that you have peace of mind. Using our RM Timing API you can store your backups online.

Instant Results

With a simple internet connection you can have your results posted live and online during the event.

MultiDay, Team and Relay

Have an event that spans multiple days? Have a team relay? Want to run reports based off team name? No problem, RM has the tools you need to time any form of race.

RealTime Results Engine

Reports can be run while timing the event without the need to change screens or open other programs. The RM Dashboard provides multiple functions at the same time.

Program Tags

With our software, you can even re-program tags so they are ready to go for the next big race.

Zebra RFID Printer

Pair our system with a Zebra RFID Printer to program and label many tags at one time.