• RM Trident Pro Bundle
  • RM Trident Pro Bundle
  • RM Trident Pro Bundle

RM Trident Pro Bundle

Bundle: Timing System with Four UltraMats. An ideal, yet versatile timing system for triathlon and cross country, the RM/Trident Pro features a lightweight ergonomic case weighing in at only 7kg.


Product Overview

Includes BluetoothUSB, Ethernet & Wi-fi communications with integrated 3G Comms and SIM card for web connectivity and radio modem for mesh networked remote split or spotter systems. Also has DHCP (dynamic host configuration protocol) allows network devices to automatically obtain a valid IP address. The standard system supports 4 x Ultra ProMats or Ultra ClubMats. Power efficiency is up to 4x better than Legacy Readers! Start time is less than 1 second with system instantly ready from power up.

Enhanced Communications:

X = eXtended router functions (Wifi & DHCP (dynamic host configuration protocol)

W = Web enabled with integrated 3G Comms and SIM card for web connectivity

R = Radio Modem communications


Product Specs

  • Includes FOUR UltraMats
  • Robust, waterproof, small (L27 x W24 x H18 cm) durable plastic, latching case
  • Supports four (3M or 6M) Timing UltraMats
  • 12VDC, 9Ah internal battery
  • Power monitoring system with LED battery level indicator
  • Fully digital receiver technology
  • Instant-ready system from power up. Start time is < 1 second.
  • Color LCD display showing key information
  • Robust connectors
  • Can support active transponders, with very large receive loop dimensions (up to 20m x 1m coverage, per loop, using standard hookup wire).
  • Internal Beeper (can be disabled by configuration)
  • Trigger Timestamp Input
  • External Beeper option
  • External Display Clock interface (RS485)
  • SD card data storage
  • Bluetooth, Ethernet and USB
  • Plug in a USB cable and the reader becomes a computer drive (e.g. E:) to extract files from
  • Web Server administration
  • Closing Contact Relay to initiate still camera or video recording on detection of tag
  • Receivers and transmitters report their status
  • Reverse polarity protection with fast acting breaker

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